When WBA 512 Marks will be out

When Workshop marks will be out


DELED 1st semester Workshop conducted at every study centres. Workshop was conducted for 12 days.

What is WBA?

WBA (Workshop Based Activities)

When Workshop marks will be out

The workshop gives a basic intro to  tips for facilitation, it is very useful for training in different ingredient of teaching and learning. In the workshop teachers get chance to have one on one interaction with the resource persons and others. This will also provide a place for you for exchanging your views, raising issues, discussing matters, problems etc., relating to your function as a teacher. The workshop will be organized at the study centre. The duration of the workshop will be of 12 days every year.

WBA (Workshop Based Activities):

Total Marks: 100

Total Number of Days : 12

Workshop conducted for 12 days in 1st year and 12 days in 2nd year. It is the responsibility of study center to conduct Workshop. Workshop will be conduct by study centers coordinators.

When Workshop marks will be out


How to check Workshop marks of DElEd


Marks are not provided yet by NIOS officials. We will provide you the marks once it provided by NIOS. Link is provided below

When your WBA Marks will be declared?

All teachers have already completed their workshop based activity for First Year of deled and they are now eagerly Waiting for their result of first semester and marks of WBA.

So here we will inform you about availability of your WBA marks and your First semester result.Your WBA marks will be announced along with your first semester result. When Workshop marks will be out

We have a chat with one of the study centre of Nios deled and they have informed us that they have recently submitted our WBA marks in the NIOS portal and they said that it might be published along with your first semester result.

So we think we should share this news with all our teachers,so today we are wrote this article. When Workshop marks will be out

Link to check Workshop Marks DElEd 1st Semester  – Click Here ( will work soon) 

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