NIOS DElEd SBA 511 Solved PDF Download

SBA 511 Solved Answer NIOS DElEd



SBA 511 Solved Answer NIOS DElEd

NIOS DElEd SBA 511 Solved Answer in English free Download:-:Dear untrained teachers, as you all know that we are providing you every required information on NIOS DElEd. Tosay in this post we will share a detail discussion on SBA and solved format of SBA


NIOS DElEd SBA 511 solved answer in English Language

SBA is a part of practical work of DElEd course which carries 100 marks. The whole SBA activities includes 120 study hours.

SBA 511 Solved Answer NIOS DElEd

You have to do all these activities given below to complete your SBA Activity:-


511.1⇒Case Study of a School child-30                      Marks.

511.2⇒ Maintenance of school/Class Records and registers- 35 Marks.

511.2.1⇒Preparation of progress report of the pupils.

511.2.2⇒  Anecdotal record.

511.2.3 ⇒ Maintenance of lesson                Diary/notes.

511.2.4⇒ Preparation of schedule and conducting substitute classes.

511.2.5⇒  Preparation of record of Library, laboratory and sports activities for pupils.

511.3 ⇒Contribution to School Programmes (45 study hours) 35 Marks.

511.3.1⇒ Organising morning assembly and other assemblies and preparing a report of the process and outcome achieved.

511.3.2⇒ Reporting the process of PTA/MATA/SMC meeting and outcome achieved.

511.3.3⇒Organisation of social festivals in the schools.

511.3.4 ⇒Organisation of annual sports or annual day of the school.

511.3.5⇒Organising of Excursion/field visit.

NIOS DElEd SBA 511 solved answer in English download:-

Here are the Sba 511 Solved Answers. You can Download SBA solved pdf file from here.

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