Nrc Assam Claim Form Download

NRC Assam Claim Form

Dear techbik today in this post we will discuss about National Register of Citizen Correction form where you can correct your form.

NRC Second draft list assam released on 30 July 2018. Many peoples name was in the list. But around 40 lakhs peoples name was not in the list. Assam Govt said that they should not need to worry. From 16th August they can visit their GP office (Gram Panchayat) and can know the reason why their name was not in NRC second list. To know the reason you must submit your ARN

NRC Assam Claim Form

After knowing the reason you have to collect NRC correction form and fill it correctly. We have shared the Correction form here. You can download the Correction Form from here

NRC Assam Claim Form



To claim your name in NRC list, Download NRC Claim Form

Nrc correction form





We are not officials of NRC. We do not have any link with the NRC officials. All of us just collect information from various sources and post about it. This website never encourage people to do as we say. strongly recommends to visit NRC official website for the authenticity of our post.


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