NIOS DElEd WBA Format – Solution Materials

Nios Deled WBA Solved

Nios Deled WBA Solved




Dear techbik readers in this post I will share information regarding NIOS DElEd WBA Format. How to prepare and solved pdf will be provided here. So read this post carefully as it will help you a lot.

Get all information for 512 Deled WBA. Evaluation of Performance in Workshop Based Activities.

Nios Deled WBA Solved

DElEd WBA Format, WBA 512 File Free Download. DElEd WBA Solution In Hindi, English, Gujarati, and All Other language. Free Download WBA Study Materials Solution File PDF. How to Solve And Fill Workshop Based Activities of NIOS DElEd

Download Here Lesson plans, TLM, Development of Portfolio, Preparation of balanced question paper blueprints.

Full Detail of NIOS DElEd WBA (512)

First Year

  •  Preparation of lesson plans on language, Maths, EVS, Sc/S.Sc. (6×4) 24 marks
  • Preparation of Teaching and Learning materials and aids on the
    four subjects (4×4) 16 marks
  • Development of portfolio in any one subject based evaluation 06 marks
  • Preparation of balanced question paper based on design
    and blueprints (6×4) 24 marks
  • Observation of Demonstration lesson 10 marks
  • Participation on process evaluation 20 marks

Total marks : 100

DElEd WBA Format And Document

NIOs DElEd WBA Format – File and Document Free Download

WBA – Lesson Plan Format Free Download – Click Here

Other Format And Document – Coming Soon……

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