NIOS DElEd Portfolio of Student – Solved PDF

NIOS DElEd Portfolio Solved

NIOS DElEd Portfolio Solved

NIOS DElEd Portfolio Solved of a Student in any one Subject Bases Evaluation:- Dear techbik readers,  Today we will discuss about How you can Develop of Portfolio in any one Subject Based Evaluation of a school child and we will provide you a complete solved portfolio of a child in PDF.

NIOS DElEd Portfolio Solved

From last few days everyone is searching on the internet about how to prepare PORTFOLIO if a student. Today in this post we are providing you a solved portfolio of a student so that you can get an idea to make or prepare your portfolio of your student.

Details on Portfolio of a Child

Portfolio of a child is a systematic purposeful collection or assesment of work done by a student that shows efforts of the student,how he is progressing and how he is achieving achievements in one or more areas. It also helps a student to know his strength and weaknesses of their own work.

Here we are providing you How you can prepare a portfolio of a Student:-

NIOS DElEd Portfolio Solved

The first page of your Portfolio will be like this:-

Front/First PAGE of a PORTFOLIO

NOTE:- Kindly write all these in your first page.Then only you should write other parts of the portfolio from the PDF file given below.

  • Teacher Trainee Name:-
  • School name:-
  • Enrollment number:-
  • Centre name:-
  • Subject:-
  • Students name:-
  • Father’s name:-
  • Mother’s Name:-
  • Class:-
  • Date of Birth:-
  • Address:-
  • Caste:-
  • Parents mobile number:-
  • Age at the time of admission:-

For the Next part you have to download this PDF File :-

Download Solved Portfolio of a Student


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