NIOS D.El.Ed Assignment 506,507 and 508 Download

Nios DElEd Assignment 506,507&508

Nios DElEd Assignment 506,507&508

Dear techbik readers we have already discussed about NIOS D.El.Ed Assignments 504 505 Answers in all language.

Nios DElEd Assignment 506,507&508

You can download the answers from the link given below.

In this post I will upload the Assignments 506,507 and 508 of NIOS D.El.Ed. It is better that you prepare all the assignments. In this article you will find the second semester Assignments in pdf format. Nios Deled Assignment 506, 507, 508 Download

NIOS DElEd Assignment 504 and 505 Solved

After the submission of Assignments 501,5502, 503, 504 and 505 along with SBA and WBA, untrained teachers have to submit Assignment 506,507 & 508 respectively. However the assignments 506, 507 and 508 are needed in second year. But I personally recommend you all to ready all the assignments. All about the assignments will be discussed in the PCP classes. Nios DElEd Assignment 506,507&508

Assignment 506 : Understanding Children in Inclusive Context.

Course 506 Concludes


Download 506 Understanding Children in Inclusive Context.


Assignment 507 : Community and Elementary Education

Course 507 Concludes


Download 507 Understanding Children in Inclusive Context.

Course 508 Concludes

Assignmnet 508 : Learning in Art, Health and Physical and work Education in Elementary Level.

Download 508 Learning in Art, Health and Physical and work Education in Elementary Level.


NIOS DElEd Assignment 506,507 & 508 pdf in Hindi will be added soon…


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